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Warlord Games Newsletter Prize Draw Winner!

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Thousands of you entered the Newsletter Prize Draw, but only one of you can win the £100/$150! Find out who it is…

In preparation for the start of the tailored newsletters, we asked you to update your personal preferences – we want to do this so we can deliver top-tier personalised content directly to you!

And the winner of that prize draw is…

Marcelino Martinez!

We’ve contacted the winner and we’re sure Marcelino will get a lot of use out of his fantastic prize!
If you had a £100 what would you be adding to your forces? Let us know over on the Warlord Games Facebook page today!

If you’ve yet to update your preferences then please use the link at the bottom of the newsletters and choose which one (or all of the great ranges Warlord Games has to offer) you’d like to receive hobby, history, and more information about in our Wednesday Newsletters.

Keep an eye out for future offers on Facebook, the Warlord Forums and the weekly Newsletters

See you soon!

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