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Black Seas, Uniforms & History

Osprey: Nelson’s Sailors

Nelson’s Sailors View in Store Code: WAR 100 Author: Gregory Fremont-Barnes   Drawing on many contemporary sources and eyewitness accounts, this book examines the lives of the ordinary sailors of the Royal Navy during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815), detailing their attitudes, duties, comforts, hardships, vices and virtues. The popular image of the…

Black Seas, Uniforms & History

Osprey: Nelson’s Navy

Nelson’s Navy View in Store Code: ELI 48 Author: Phillip Haythornthwaite   Despite the many celebrated victories of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars, the role of the Royal Navy should never be overlooked. The ‘wooden walls’ formed the country’s first and most important line of defence, and ranged throughout the world to protect…

Black Seas, Uniforms & History

Osprey: Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson View in Store Code: CMD 16 Author: Angus Konstam   The most famous admiral in history, Horatio Nelson’s string of naval victories helped secure Britain’s place as the world’s dominant maritime power, a position she held for more than a century after Nelson’s death. A young officer during the American Revolution, Nelson rose…