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Blood Red Skies: Hans Dortenmann

This week, we’re looking at one of the top German Focke-Wulf 190 aces, who shot down the legendary Pierre Clostermann – Hans Dortenmann. View in Store A Hawker Tempest lands heavily on the makeshift airfield, smoke belching from the engine, its fuselage riddled with holes. Its pilot – famed French ace Pierre Clostermann has just…

Blood Red Skies, Profiles

Blood Red Skies: The Luftwaffe

Dive back into Blood Red Skies with a brief look at the Luftwaffe – join some of the war’s finest aces in a desperate struggle for control of Europe’s skies! Despite the treaty of Versailles’ prohibition on warplanes of any kind, Hitler’s Reich continued development of aircraft technologies in secret, often using commercial enterprise as…

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New: German Siebel Ferry (2)

The Kriegsmarine will use any craft available to support the German armies advance, The Luftwaffe Siebel Ferry will prove vital to your forces victory!   View in Store The Siebel ferry Dubbed the Kleine fähre (small ferry) the Siebel ferry would prove it’s self a highly useful and adaptable vessel. Aircraft designer Fritz Siebel (A…

Blood Red Skies, Profiles

Aircraft Focus: Junkers Ju-87D Stuka

Heralded by the wail of Jericho’s Trumpet, the ground-attack arm of the Luftwaffe screams into battle with the arrival of the Junkers Ju-87D Stuka in Blood Red Skies! Designed in the early 1930s, influenced by the experiences of Ernst Udet and the experiments undertaken by various nations during the Inter-War years, the Stuka was an…

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New: Ju 87D Stuka squadron

Terrify and strafe enemy ground forces with the new Ju 87D Stuka squadron. View in Store The junkers 87D Stuka was a dive-bomber and ground-attack aircraft. Identifiable by its gull wings and spatted undercarriage, it became infamous because of its wailing sirens which let out a horrible shrieking noise when it dove, terrifying Allied soldiers….