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New: Luftwaffe Field Division 88mm Flak 37

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The Luftwaffe Field Division 88mm Flak 37 levels its sights on your enemies!

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Originally developed as an anti-aircraft weapon, the Flak 37 8.8cm (or Eighty-eight as it became known by Allied troops) had a high muzzle velocity to allow it to reach the higher ranges modern bombers were capable of at the time. This would make it an exceptionally deadly anti-tank weapon as many Allied tank crews would learn to their peril. The 88 could also be deployed as a conventional artillery piece – as one infantryman noted, the 88 was ‘anti-everything’…

Capable of firing in extremis whilst still attached to its wheeled carriages (although with limited traverse or elevation), the 88 could be fully deployed onto its cruciform firing platform and ready to fire in around two and a half minutes.

Many 88s were fitted with a large gunshield although there were many examples of this being dispensed with. Being such a large and heavy weapon it could only be towed by larger prime movers such as the Sd.Kfz 7 halftrack.

The 88 saw service during the Spanish Civil War as well as on all fronts in which the Germans fought during WWII. Capable of penetrating armour plate up to 108mm thick at ranges of up to 1,100 yards, the 88’s fearsome reputation grew immensely during its service in the Western Desert where it was one of the very few weapons capable of dealing with the British Matilda II infantry tanks. A similar scenario unfolded on the Eastern Front as the 88 was among the rare weapons able to tackle the new Soviet heavy KV tanks.

The Flak 37 was the final production iteration of the 88, almost identical to the Flak 36 bar the updated instruments allowing for a greater level of autonomy in fire control.

This Flak 37 kit is supplied with 8.8cm shells and shell cases and can be built to both traverse and elevate – neither enemy armour nor aircraft will be safe!


  • One 1/56 scale hard plastic WWII 8.8cm Flak 37 dual-purpose AA/AT gun
  • 7 metal Luftwaffe crew
  • Bolt Action stat card
  • Full-colour waterslide decal sheet
  • Construction leaflet


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Artillery Post

Set up the correct defences for your Flak 37! Make sure your defending infantry and crewmen take cover behind the sandbag barricades, blocking vehicles entirely with the dragon teeth and deter any infantrymen with that barbed wire!

This set contains:

  • 1 x Flak 37 8.8cm – plastic Box Set with 7 metal crew
  • 2 x Resin Sandbag Barricades
  • 1 x Resin Dragon Teeth Set
  • 1 x Barbed Wire Set

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Flak 37 8.8cm and transport

Make sure your Flak 37 8.8cm is mobile. Accompanying your massive artillery piece with another respective beast of burden, the SD.KFZ 7 half track!

This set contains:

  • 1 x Flak 37 8.8cm – plastic Box Set with 7 metal crew
  • 1 x SD.KFZ 7 Half Track
  • Flak 37 8.8cm Crossform Wheels

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Arras Flak Batallion

Field not one but 3 of the most famous anti-tank gun of the war, the 88 (Flak 37 8.8cm AA gun), in the battle of Arras 1940. As the British counterattack the German Blitzkrieg, south of Beaurains, their tanks ran into a line of anti-aircraft guns and artillery, including 88 mm Flak guns near Mercatel and Tilloy halting the attack and perhaps sealing the British Expeditionary forces fate…

This set contains:

  • 3 x plastic Flak 37 8.8cm with metal crews

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