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‘Germany Strikes!’ preview by Alessio Cavatore

Alessio: Following the release of Battleground Europe and Ostfront, the “Theatre books” supplements for Bolt Action continue with Germany Strikes! – Early war in Europe. In this article I’m going to explain in a little more detail what you’re going to find in each of the seven sections of this new book. Prelude To War This introduction…

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Shipping Now: German Grenadiers Plastic Set

Achtung, Kommandant! Our eagerly-anticipated new plastic German Grenadiers Box Set is now shipping! View in Store The set contains 30 multi-part battle-hardened German Grenadiers: The kit includes stacks of weapons and equipment, as these pics show… Weapons include STG44 assault rifle, PPSh SMG, Kar 98K rifle, MG42 light machine gun, rifle grenade attachment, MP40 sub-machine gun,…

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Tank War Scenario: Wittman Strikes!

13th of June 1944. The Britsh have broken inland and are moving towards Caen. Armoured and mechanized elements of the 4th County of London Yeomanry (4CLY) and of the 1st Rifle Brigade, together with two Observation Post (OP) tanks of the 5th Royal Horse Artillery are advancing in column along the Route Nationale 175. Suddenly,…