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SPQR Warband Focus: Gaul

SPQR Warband Focus: Gaul

Before the coming of Rome, there was no written history of the Gauls, so most of our knowledge about them comes from what archaeologists have unearthed and the not altogether unbiased writings of the Romans. The Gauls dominated a large area comprising much of what today is France, Belgium, and Switzerland, and while they inhabited…

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SPQR: 1000 Denarii Warbands

We’ve put together 1000 Denarii warbands for Caesar’s Legions and Gaul Warriors. We look at how they play on the ancient battlefields of SPQR. Caesar’s Legions Minions Warbands from Caesar’s Legions represent a small force split off from a legion for an extended period of time to achieve specific objectives; Though Caesar’s Legions Warbands have…

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SPQR: Warriors of Gaul

Unite the tribes and charge into your SPQR battles with the mightiest of heroes and warriors of Gaul. Overwhelm your foes with sheer numbers of bloodthirsty warriors. Gaul Heroes To lead your warband, you’ll need powerful heroes. Vercingetorix of the Arverni tribe was a Gallic Chieftain who united the tribes of Gaul to repel Caesar’s…