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SPQR: 1000 Denarii Warbands

We’ve put together 1000 Denarii warbands for Caesar’s Legions and Gaul Warriors. We look at how they play on the ancient battlefields of SPQR. Caesar’s Legions Minions Warbands from Caesar’s Legions represent a small force split off from a legion for an extended period of time to achieve specific objectives; Though Caesar’s Legions Warbands have…

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SPQR: Outfitting your Warband

The armouries of the ancient world are packed full of weapons – it’s time to start outfitting your warband for the oncoming storm! The ancient world has many weapons and tools available to warbands. Even a simple spear can greatly improve a warrior’s chances of survival on the battlefield, and a rich Hero can afford…

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SPQR: A Hero’s Journey

Warlorder Tom takes us on a journey down glory road, showing off how your heroes develop over the course of an SPQR campaign! Humble Beginnings “No man or woman born, coward or brave, can shun his destiny.” – Homer Heroes are the centrepiece of your SPQR warband. They have access to a huge range of abilities…