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SPQR: Outfitting your Warband

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The armouries of the ancient world are packed full of weapons – it’s time to start outfitting your warband for the oncoming storm!

The ancient world has many weapons and tools available to warbands. Even a simple spear can greatly improve a warrior’s chances of survival on the battlefield, and a rich Hero can afford the finest weapons money can buy.

Close Combat Weapons

Most battles are resolved by spear or sword, and so most units will benefit from carrying some sort of close combat weapon.

Units in SPQR have access to a wide range of death-dealing implements, ranging from primitive clubs to razor-sharp gladii. These weapons all have different special rules to represent their various traits and quirks on the battlefield!

Weapon Special Rule: Lethal

This weapon is truly terrible. The Lethal score is used as a penalty to an opponent’s Armour checks and is also the number of Wounds removed from a unit upon a successful strike – however, a Lethal weapon cannot remove more than one model from a single successful attack unless it is being wielded by a Hero.

Ranged Weapons

The ability to destroy the enemy at range is one well valued, and many weapons have evolved to accomplish this.

You’ll need a good mix of close combat and ranged units in your warband – versatility is incredibly important, allowing you to adapt to meet any threat.

Weapon Special Rule: One-Shot

This is a single weapon, such as a javelin, that once thrown cannot be used again. Only one attack may be performed with a One Shot weapon in each battle.


Even the most confident warrior recognises the value of a good breastplate. Armour can provide protection against the worst mistakes. A model may only wear one type of armour and carry a single shield. Some types of armour are heavy or cumbersome, and so inflict a penalty on the Move score of any model using them.

Equipping armour provides a bonus to your armour check. For example, a chainmail shirt provides a +3 bonus, meaning you’ll only need a 3 or more to ignore a wound.

Weapon Special Rule: Smasher

This weapon is so heavy and brutal when swung with force that it is impossible to stop. A Smasher weapon cannot be Parried by any means.

To Battle!

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