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SPQR: Gaul Skyclad Warriors, Tribesmen and War Dogs

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The Warriors of Gaul are being reinforced with rabid war dogs, ferocious Skyclad Warriors and tribesmen. Grow your warband with these capable warriors.

Skyclad Warriors, Tribesmen & War Dogs

The Warriors of Gaul range for SPQR is being enhanced with the release of a slew of reinforcements all cast in the new Warlord Resin.

Skyclad Warriors

Most fighting men of the tribe will be warriors, men (and not a few women) who had proven themselves in battle and were intent on becoming both rich and respected within the warband. Though each fights as an individual, a rushing mob of these warriors is a fearsome thing to behold as they charge forward with crazed eyes, hollering war cries, and deadly intent.

Some Warriors choose to go into battle naked, trusting to their faith for protection and taking advantage of the unnerving sight this caused. If a unit of Warriors do not take any armour other than a Large Shield and their miniatures wear no clothing, they gain a +1 bonus to Melee checks.

Gaul Skyclad Warriors

Contains 12 Warlord Resin models, supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Tribesmen Archers

Those tribesmen yet to prove themselves in battle could still join the warriors, taking the Gaul’s favoured hunting weapon, the bow. Too poor or too young to have much in the way of armour, these men fan out before the warband. They engaged enemy skirmishers and made withering attacks on the enemy before the battle erupted into full-scale violence.

Gaul Tribesmen Archers

Contains 12 Warlord Resin models, supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Tribesmen with Javelins

You are also able to equip your Tribesmen with Javelins. Though limited to a single use, they have the Lethal 2 keyword, oftentimes thwarting heavily armoured opposition. Use them to thin the ranks of your foes before the main melee is met.

Gaul Tribesmen with Javelins

Contains 12 Warlord Resin models, supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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War Dogs

Trained to ignore the noise and chaos of battle, the war dogs used by Gallic tribes were easily capable of ripping the throat out of an enemy. Attacking on command, their handlers assembled them into waves of slavering killers who could break even a disciplined line.

Gaul War Dogs

Contains 3 Warlord Resin models with 8 Dogs, supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Get started with Gaul!

With a lightning-fast and easy to play system, SPQR allows you to build a complete warband capable of scouting out enemy armies, clashing across borders, and conducting raids on farms and villages. This is an ideal starting point for a Gaul warband, or even to supplement an existing force!

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