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Beyond the Gates of Antares, Concord, Latest Products

Antares: Book Bundle & C3T7 Attack Incoming!

There have been some interesting meetings around Warlord HQ lately… lots of hushed chatter, with rumours of waves-upon-waves of reinforcements being prepared for consignment – support teams, auxiliaries, and VEHICLES, VEHICLES, VEHICLES are moving ever-closer to release. All around Warlord HQ, display cabinets are filling with the staff’s painted armies, with games breaking-out weekly –…

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Concord

C3 – From Starter Force to Offensive Force – by Tim Bancroft

There are a few recurring questions which regularly crop-up around the Antares community from new players… “I’ve bought the Xilos Horizon starter set – how should I assemble the models?” “What should I arm my models with?” “What do I buy next?” Seasoned Antares veteran, and regular contributor to the Warlord Newsletter, Tim Bancroft is on…