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New: C3 Interceptor Command Squad

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Available to order today is the C3 Interceptor Command Squad as they race to deal with the Isori insurgence.


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The ST500 Interceptor bike is a fully sentient drone vehicle that forms a combined combat shard together with its rider and the other members of its squad. Interceptors excel at hit and run tactics and can strike and move away at speed before the enemy are ready to reply.

They can also be used to carry compacted support weapons and provide the crew for advance forces, often arriving first and occupying a position ahead of the enemy. They are buoyed upon powerful suspensors that also provide their motive power at lower speeds, whilst reaction thrusters give them extra forward momentum at speed..

C3 Interceptor Command Squad on the field

Their mobility is their greatest attribute but can also be their biggest downfall, pushing forwards and capturing objectives without reinforcements is certainly a bold move. Knowing when to retreat is vital knowledge, you can zoom past the objective and harass the enemy, whittling them down to guarantee victory for your strike squads.

C3 Interceptor Command Squad

Mounted Command Unit
Points Value: 168

Special: You can only include more than 1 Interceptor Squad in your force if you also include an Interceptor Command Squad.

Unit: C3 Interceptor Command Squad Ag Acc Str Res Init Co
1x Interceptor Commander: plasma carbine, HL armour with HL booster, Interceptor bike with twin plasma carbines 5 5 5 5(8) 7 9
2x Interceptor Trooper: plasma carbine, HL armour with HL booster, Interceptor bike with twin plasma carbines 5 5 5 5(8) 7 8


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Follow-up on the interceptors with some heavy forces!


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