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New: Early Highlander Axemen and Javelinmen

Our first release for the Bronze Age Zagros, Taurus & Anatolian Highlanders are the Early Highlander Axemen and Javelinmen: View in Store These models can represent the Lullubians, the Gutians, Turukkeans and the Elamites of the Zagros Mountains; and the early Hurrians of the Anatolian & Taurus Highlands. View in Store You could mix the Highlander Javelinmen and Axemen…

Bronze Age, Hail Caesar

New: Sea Peoples Chariots

The first models for the Sea Peoples range are these great chariots, ready to ride down the forces of the old kingdoms. View in Store These warriors have reed or feather headresses representative of the Peleset or Denyen tribes; though they can be used to represent other tribes of Sea Peoples of whom there is…