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Introduction: Mitanni

These are the armies of the Late Bronze Age Hurrian speaking State of Mitanni, (also known as Hanigalbat by the Assyrians and Nahrin by the Egyptians), which came to prominence after the Hittites destroyed the Amorite Babylonian Kingdom at the end of the Middle Bronze Age. Mitanni came to dominate northern Mesopotamia (between the Tigris…

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New: Bronze Age Medium Spearmen and Highlander Javelinmen

More reinforcements for Bronze Age armies are in – Medium Spearmen and Hittite or Anatolian Highlander Javelinmen: These are the Regular or Retained Infantry of the Late Bronze Age armies of Mitanni, Middle Kingdom Assyria and Kassite or Middle Kingdom Babylonia. In Mitannian armies they would be known as Alik Ilki. These figures are armed with a Light Spear,…