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Introduction: Early Elamite

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Cutting Edge Miniatures’ Peter Womack brings us another look at the Bronze Age range – this time focusing on the Early Elamites and how to build an army for this faction.

Peter: This range covers Elamite armies of the Early and Middle Bronze Age, known as the Old Elamite Period (c.3000 – c.1500 BCE). Elamite warriors of this period seem to have been composed mainly of archers. The area generally known as Elam did not constitute a single kingdom at this time but was comprised of numbers of both lowland and highland city-states. Indeed, in the Akkadian language, Elam meant ‘Highland’. Of prominance during the Old Period were Susa, Awan, Anshan and Simash. Each of these cities vied for dominance over the others, as well as with other highland states of the Eastern Zagros Mountains, such as those of Marhashi and Hamazi in the Early Bronze Age.

Early Elamite Silver Cup

Unfortunately there is very little evidence as to the appearance of the Elamites of the Old Period. It is assumed they would have worn a similar attire to the various other Highland and Lowland States in the region.
The majority of textual and pictorial evidence of the appearance of Elamites comes from Assyrian depictions of Neo-Elamites in the Iron Age, which will form a separate range.

Elamites of the Early Bronze Age

To represent the Elamite forces of the Early Bronze Age, I’d suggest using Early Levy Archers mixed with Early Highlander Archers for the core of the army.


The Early Household Archers can be used for the Guard or Retained troops.


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For slingers, mix together Early Levy Slingers and Early Highlander Slingers.



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Command figures can be found in the Early Bronze Command pack.


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Elamite Forces of the Middle Bronze Age

For Elamite forces of the Middle Bronze Age, I’d use Levy Archers I mixed with the Later Highlander Archers for the core of the army, supplemented with Later Household Archers for Elite or Household Guard Archers.

Levy Slingers can also be used to represent Early Elamites


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Spearmen and Axemen retainers can be found in the Akkadian Empire and Neo-Sumerian & Successor States ranges.

Command figures can be found in the Early/Middle Bronze Command pack.


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All of the Early 2-Horse Chariots are suitable for Elamites of the Middle Bronze Age.