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New: North American buildings from Sarissa

Following on from the Waterloo terrain a couple of weeks ago we have another raft of superb laser-cut terrain from Sarissa Precision which are ideal for fighting Black Powder conflicts during the American War of Independence and the American Civil War as well as the French Indian War: With the usual incredible detail, these laser-cut…

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Limited Edition: Last Shot

Produced for this year’s Historicon show in the United States, Last Shot is undoubtedly one of Wojtek’s finest creations. Available on 27th July 2013 only We are eternally grateful to Paul Delaney at Historicon for allowing us to make this great miniature available at our Warlord Games Day and via the Warlord webstore on the…

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Woods Fighting in the American Civil War

By Paul D Stevenson Black Powder has many innovative concepts and is a great game, especially for multiple players. However, one of the problems folks find with Black Powder American Civil War games is the requirement to go into skirmish order to negotiate woods. This is obviously a rules mechanic to depict disruption but in…