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Up men! Up and to your posts! Let no man forget today that you are from Old Virginia!

There’s not long to wait now, and those immortal words from Pickett ring around the Warlord offices as the staff are divided in their alleigences, and we prepare to wage war – with the much-anticipating coming of ‘Glory Hallelujah!’ – the American Civil War 1861 – 1865  supplement for Black Powder.

Glory Hallelujah Cover


In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the fledgling United States of America. Years of seething hostility between the North and South boiled over as the Southern States saw Lincoln’s election as a direct threat to their rights, and the nation fell apart as a new Confederacy was formed in the South. The Confederacy, striving to assert its independence, opened fire on the Northern troops occupying Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbour on April 12th 1861. Determined to preserve the Union, Northern troops headed south and on to Richmond! Over the next four terrible long years American armies tramped across American fields and burnt American farms as Americans killed Americans in a war the likes of which the nation had never seen before. The epic battles fought during the American Civil War proved beyond all doubt that war can be ‘all hell’.

This supplement for Black Powder describes the history, armies, key leaders, doctrine and tactics of the American Civil War, and includes a comprehensive set of army lists and optional rules for recreating the battles of that war in miniature.

Introducing your special Book Figure; Dead-Eye Davy:

Sniping your enemies officers from a good vantage point this characterful addition to your forces comes FREE with your copy of Glory Hallelujah! Find out more about the book and Sniper next week!

So – time to muster the troops and pledge your allegiance!

When it comes to collecting an ACW force – whether you’re looking to fight for the Union or the Confederacy, we are huge fans of the Perry Miniatures plastic range – which provides not only fantastic sculpts, but also excellent value for money!

The core of your army should be based around their 3 key box sets – the American Civil War Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery sets.

Infantry Regiment


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This box contains 36 plastic infantry – all of which can be assembled to represent troops from either the Union or the Confederacy. The box also contains 2 each of both Union and Confederate flags.

Both sides wore similar uniforms – however the Union predominantly wore forage caps, whereas the Confederates favoured slouch hats. All models come with the option for either.

ACW 1b

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Easily expand your Regiments to Brigade strength with this double set:

ACW Inf Brigade

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Or with enough figures to complete your Division:

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This kit contains 12 plastic miniatures – all of which can be assembled as either Confederate or Union cavalry. The box also contains 2 each of both Union and Confederate flags.

Both sides wore similar uniforms – however the Union predominantly wore forage caps, whereas the Confederates favoured slouch hats. All models come with the option for either.

ACW 2b

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Easily expand your regiments to Battalion strength with this double set:

ACW Cav Brigade

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Or your complete Division:

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This set contains 3 guns, 3 limbers and 18 multi-pose crew plus bases. There are 4 gun barrels for each gun; Napoleon 12pdr, 3 inch Ordnance Rifle, 10 pdr Parrott and 12 pdr Howitzer.

All the crew are multipose with many separate arm variants to enable you to create the right drill positions for the guns. There are separate forage caps, kepis and slouch hats foe all the crew so you can choose which side to portray.

Union and Confederate guns

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Easily expand your Battery with this double set:

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Of course, once you’ve gathered the core of your force you can then expand with more specialist forces such as the Zouaves and Confederate Infantry models, as well as a whole host of other options…

Hallelujah Circle

Glory, Hallelujah! Encampment


Units in combat will always find the time to get a brew going and here is a perfect little set to start your army or add a contingent to an existing one. 36 men 12 cavalry and 1 cannon find themselves at rest with an encampment of mixed tents, fire and cots, plus FREE tethered horses. Just let Josey Wales sneak past this alert lot.


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Glory, Hallelujah! Stage Coach Escort


Whether escorting the company pay master or your commander to battle, there’s nothing more impressive than the sight of a cavalry brigade riding into view. With 36 cavalry at your command this FREE stage coach comes with 4 metal horses and 2 tethered.


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Glory, Hallelujah! Town


Battles can be fought on hills, forests, across rivers, and towns such as this one – ready to be built, painted, and fought for over every inch of your battlefield. With a Church, Store, Covered Bridge, Barn with a wagon, picket fencing, and a FREE farm house, lets not forget the sheep!


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But that’s not all!

We stock a huge range of ACW-friendly scenery, accessories and much, much more! – with buildings from the likes of Renedra, 4Ground, and Sarissa Precision – as well as fencing, tents, crates, barrels, and a whole host of other miscellaneous bits-and-pieces that are sure to add character and depth to your games – so why not take a look through the Warlord webstore to see what’s on offer?


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