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New: Warlord Scenics range expansion

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Following the hugely successful launch of our ‘Warlord Scenics’ range back in November in conjunction with our friends from War World Scenics, we’re expanding upon the range to offer further basing materials for your miniatures!

Daffodil Tufts


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Scorched Earth (180ml)


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Desert Sand (180ml)


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Rocky Sand (180ml)


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Fine Cork Chips (180ml)


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Spring Undergrowth (180ml)


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Summer Undergrowth (180ml)


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Warlord Scenics

The Warlord Scenics range contains flocking materials, ballast, tufts, a range of specialist adhesives, and much more – giving you an extensive choice of materials with which to base your miniatures and dress scenery pieces.

Whether you want to recreate the ice-choked battlefields of the Eastern Front, the sands of ancient Egypt, the rubble-strewn remains of some ruined 20th century city, the verdant meadows of some lush paradise, or the alien landscape of some strange Antarean world – there’s something for every project in the range, so take a look!

Warlord Scenics