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Historicon 2013 special miniature – part 2

Last week we began the process of designing the special edition miniature for this year’s Historicon event in the United States – the premier US wargames show.

With the bulk of the sculpting completed, Wojtek added the finishing touches to the model of an unhorsed American Civil War cavalryman.


As we mentioned last week, we made some last minute changes to the armament of the model. Here you can see the new Halls carbine.


With the sculpting of the model complete, Wojtek had the great idea of adding the convention name and year to the base to give it more gravitas as a special edition model.


We then sent castings off to Darren Linington to paint. Darren is an exceptional painter who regularly picks up trophies at Salute each year.


As you can see Darren hasn’t held back on these paintjobs!

With the change of carbine the miniature is good for either the Union or the Confederates


For more information on how you can get hold of this model or on attending the show, look no further than here!

We’d like to thank Historicon’s Paul Delaney for his help and advice on this project and for giving us the opportunity to provide the model for this year’s show.

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