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Spotlight: Under the radar – Warplanes in Bolt Action

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Flying in under the radar the Forward Air Observer (FOA) calls in support from our range of ready-to-go aircraft!


War Planes in Store Now

In Bolt Action

Aircraft come into action if you have taken a Forward Air Observer (FAO) in your army. If you do you have a great chance of bringing on your death from above. Of course, there’s always a chance it’s a rookie pilot and he’ll inadvertently be aiming at you – take cover!

Check your army list and pay the points when organising your force – (if you’re new to Bolt Action check out our hub here for more info) – it’s a good choice to add an extra assistant for your FOA – they’ll still count as a ‘small team’ and will survive better so you can deliver the fire order at just the right moment.

Of course, you have to see your target and a lot of players make sure their FOA is set up in a commanding position. Their aim is to spot a likely target and call in the air support as early as possible, once done the FOA can retreat to better cover and keep his head down. A good bonus to this small team is that once they’ve done their job they can then look after an objective and even cause the odd pin on the enemy.

Meanwhile as each turn starts you can roll on the Air Strike Chart to see if Air support arrives. You don’t want a 1 (Rookie Pilot) as your enemy will be the one controlling who gets hit! On a 2 or 3 you’ll have to wait till next turn and roll again, but on a 4/5/6 – here it comes and boy is it devastating!

After any Flak guns (including your own!) have had their chance to shoot your aircraft down, keep your fingers crossed for the type of attack. Of the 3 types – Strafing Fighter, Fighter Bomber, Ground-attack Aircraft – our favourite is the Ground Attack Aircraft. It’ll add 3 all-important pin markers and with its 3D6 hits +4 penetration value, no enemy troop or tank will be hanging around for long!

Now while it’s fine to field a FOA without an actual plane, it’s a lot more fun to zoom in a model aircraft, making appropriate sound effects (and somehow the dice seem to respond better too!).

Perfect for representing your air strikes in Bolt Action games, these beautiful die-cast 1/72nd scale planes are supplied pre-painted and with a display flying stand. They’re ready to take off for action!.


War Planes in Store Now


Warplane Rules

If you’ve been playing aircraft with a Forward Air Observer, and perhaps want to try something different from the standard Bolt Action rules for using aircraft, why not have a read of Alessio’s ‘Experimental Rules: Warplanes in Bolt Action‘. These rules are a bit of fun, designed for friendly games and allow you to unleash the full fury of your aircraft (some of them have a lot of guns!.

The experimental article contains rules for the following warplanes:

GERMAN Warplanes

1/72 JU87D-1 2./StG.2 1942 Stuka

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1/72 Messerschmitt BF-109G-2 VI. /JG51 1942

View in store


1/72 FW-190A-8 – ‘Red 8’ Lt Hans Dortenmann, Comman


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1/72 FW-190 “Blue 4″Commander of 12./JG 5, Bardufoss Airfield,1944

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1/72 HE 162A-2 SALAMANDER – 1./JG1, MAY 1945

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BRITISH Warplanes

1/72 Typhoon Mk.IB RB431,Wing123,Plantlunne,1945

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1/72 Hurricane Mk 11 3 Sqn RAF 1942

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1/72 Spitfire Mk VB RAF 303 Sqn 1942

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AMERICAN Warplanes

1/72 F4U-1 CORSAIR


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JAPANESE Warplanes

1/72 A6M52G Zero – Yokosuka Naval Wing, YOKOSUKA 19


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SOVIET Warplanes

1/72 Yak-3 157 Sqn 1944

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1/72 P-39Q Airacobra – Cpt Grigor A Rechkalov, GIAP


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1/72 Soviet Lavochkin La-7

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FRENCH Warplanes

1/72 MS.406 – French Air Force GcII/3, 3/4 Escadril


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1/72 Dewoitine D.520 – Pilot officer Madon’s D.52


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Chocks away!