Local Stockist News: Sortilèges (Tours, France)

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This is the first in a series of articles where we take a look at the unsung heroes of Warlord Games – the front line that is your friendly local gaming store!

Did you know we have stockist in more than 40 countries! We’ll begin our world tour with a French stockist ; Sortilèges.

You can find your local store on our store finder and if you join in with one of their events you could get your hands on our ‘Organised Play Exclusive Soviet Sniper’.



The Sortilèges shop in Tours offers a wide choice of miniatures and hobby products for every gamer. Amongst their many ranges, Bolt Action features prominently, supported by their enthusiastic staff and you will find everything you need to start collecting or to reinforce your army. Special orders for more specific products are done on a monthly basis. Pay them a visit and join the tourangelle Bolt Action gaming community!

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The shop manager is Benoît Houvet who is helped by Laura, Michaël and Erwan. They also have their own Sarge (a Warlord in-store Gamer) Walfroy, also know as Jambon-Purée (we thought it best not to ask…).

Next Event: “4e Open de Touraine”, a painting and gaming event held in a local hall on September 26th & 27th where Sortilèges Tours will be in charge of the Bolt Action tables.

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Votre boutique Sortilèges de Tours, spécialiste du jeu en général, vous propose un large rayon figurines et modélisme. Parmi toutes les gammes figure en bonne place Bolt Action de chez Warlord Games ! Tout ce qui est nécessaire pour débuter et enrichir son armée est disponible immédiatement en boutique. Pour des produits plus spécifiques, des commandes mensuelles sont effectuées. Rejoignez la communauté tourangelle de Bolt Action ! Poussez la porte de la boutique.

Prochaine animation : Soirée Jeux de Figurines –26 & 27 septembre (4e Open de Touraine)

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75 rue de Commerce
Tours Centre 37000

Phone: (+33) 02 47 05 11 91

The team look forward to seeing you drop in soon!