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Spotlight: Em Finley and the 10th Doctor

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Earlier this year, we launched the Summer Offensive: Painting Competition, an opportunity for you to show off your skills and paint some beautiful models. We sat down with runner-up Em Finley to chat about her entry of the 10th Doctor Companion set.

Spotlight: Em Finley and the 10th Doctor

The Models


Em’s entry was the 10th Doctor and Companions box set from our Time Vortex: The Miniatures Game range. We loved the attention to detail put into every single model, capturing the essence of each character perfectly.

We particularly loved the bases, with the blended effects and free-hand detail to recreate the swirling chaos of the Time Vortex.

“Accidental Pupils”

Warlorder Tom had the chance to sit down with Em and chat about her entry.

Tom: Why did you choose the 10th Doctor for your entry?

Em: I had a really hard time choosing my entry – the Warlord Games range is so massive. I’ve always been a big Doctor Who fan, and I was looking for an opportunity to paint something sci-fi. I wanted the challenge of painting sci-fi bases and sci-fi miniatures in general since I’ve only really painted fantasy and historical miniatures before.

Em’s bases are one of the most eye-catching things about her entry – a beautiful clockface with a mixture of freehand brush and pencil details, over a blended background to recreate the swirling Time Vortex.

Tom: Who’s your favourite companion from the set?

Em: To paint? Martha Jones was the most interesting – trying to get the texture on the jacket right and differentiate the denim from the other jeans in the set. Rose was my favourite in the show, I loved the relationship between her and the Doctor.

Tom: How did you approach painting the miniatures?

Em: I loved every second I spent painting this set. The sculpts and little details make them really fun to paint! I always like to use the back of the box as a guide, but beyond that, I just try to have fun and try out different techniques.

I undercoated with black, then painted all the flesh. I like to work inside out, painting all the inner-most details, building up to the outer areas. Rather than line highlights and dry brushing, I used a mix of wet blending and glazes to get the depth of colour and contrast in the models.

I surprised myself with these models – I managed to accidentally paint pupils on Wilf. Didn’t intend to do it, but the effect is brilliant!

Some of the details that really jumped out at us while we were judging were the beautiful highlights on the Doctor’s suit and the subtle changes in tone across all the denim.

Tom: What excites you about our hobby?

Em: I get excited by cool sculpts and interesting miniatures. I’m looking to branch out and move away from sci-fi and fantasy – I really like the Test of Honour range and those samurai models look like an interesting challenge.

Em’s fantastic entry is available to view in the cabinet in our HQ store!

Enter the Vortex!

Fancy giving Em a run for her money in next year’s painting competition? Grab your own 10th Doctor set from our webstore today.

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Tom spends most of his time buying books and painting miniatures. He enjoys putting animals on the bases of his miniatures and half-finishing side projects. Some say that he lives in a tower on top of some windswept northern hill with his wife and cow-patterned cat, Spaghetti.