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New: Soviet ZIS-3 divisional gun (Winter)

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Usable as a howitzer or an anti-tank gun, punch through enemy armour and break their morale with the new Soviet ZiS-3 divisional gun.

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The ZiS-3 was a truly multi-purpose weapon that was used as artillery and as an anti-tank gun by the Red Army. The Germans came to know it well and a dubbed it the ‘Ratsch-Baum’ (‘crash-boom’) for its distinctive sound.

By the battle of Kursk in 1943, ZiS-3 batteries were routinely dug in to fire initially as howitzers and then switch to an anti-tank role to stop breakthroughs.

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Soviet Zima Force

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After the rapid collapse of the Soviet defences against the German blitzkrieg, Stalin sought to reinforce his lines with veterans from the East. Their vast combat experience proved invaluable when holding off the Axis forces, and acted as a sturdy and resolute core for the Soviet army.

Stalin has high hopes for this task force, it contains everything a Soviet commander needs! It has:

  • The new Soviet HQ (Winter) blister pack
  • The new Soviet Maxim MMG team (Winter) blister pack
  • The new Soviet ZIS-3 divisional gun (Winter) blister pack
  • The new Soviet ZIS-2 anti-tank gun (Winter) blister pack
  • The new Soviet 82mm medium mortar team (Winter) blister pack
  • A Siberian Squad box set
  • A Soviet Scout squad blister pack

Soviet Reinforcements!


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