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New: Soviet M3 White Scout Car

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Bring troops to the front or tow artillery pieces into line with the new resin Lend Lease Soviet M3 White Scout Car.

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The M3 was too large and heavy to be considered a proper scout car, but its transport capacity (eight men and a driver) made it suitable for a number of tasks including that of armoured transport and reconnaissance vehicle. The same basic design was used to develop the M3 half-track. Although the White Scout Car carried an HMG it was often fitted with a further two MMGs along the sides. The M3 Scout Car was used by the Americans, British and Russians.

In Bolt Action this is a cheap an simple solution to deal with those annoying enemy recon units or slow lightly equipped troop formations. An inexpensive way to advance quickly on a road to leave its occupants to capture an objective!

Cost: 69pts (inexperienced), 86pts (Regular), 103pts (Veteran).
Weapons: 1 pintle-mounted HMG covering the forward arc
Damage value: 7+ (armoured car).
Transport: Up to 8 men.
Tow: Light, medium or heavy anti-tank guns; light howitzers; light anti-aircraft guns.
Options: – May add up to two additional pintle-mounted MMGs one covering the right and rear arcs and one covering the left and rear arcs for +15pts each
– May replace the transport capacity with the Recce rule for free
Special Rules: Open-topped
Recce (if option is chosen)

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