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New: Soviet Commissar Gregor Drugov

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Feared and respected, Soviet Commissar Gregor Drugov instils a frightening example of how a soldier should act on the battlefield, with frightening results…

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Commissar Drugov was always a large, brutal bully of a man who found a natural home in the Soviet Political Commissariat where his fervour and belligerent nature gained him rapid recognition and promotion.

Commissar Drugov is equipped with an assault rifle.

Drugov volunteered for an advanced version of the Ursine Programme and received a carefully modified treatment that appears to have delivered all the physical benefits of the procedure whilst reducing the bestial side effects. Not that Drugov is any less bestial than he was prior to the treatment!

This box contains one metal Commissar Gregor Drugov and two resin Ursus soldiers.

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For the Motherland!

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