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New: Blood Red Skies Tokens

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This new set of tokens and rulers from Sarissa Precision will make a clear impact on your games of Blood Red Skies!

Blood Red Skies Measuring Ruler


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These rulers will thematically fit within your Blood Red Skies games. The burgundy red plastic ruler marks the starting point, out to a 9-inch move, with nicely recessed notches on both sides for total ease of play. Whilst the orange range ruler provides a clear indicator of who may be eligible for shooting down!

Blood Red Skies Boom & Zoom Chits

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These plastic markers will provide every marker you’ll need for one side to play a Blood Red Skies game with a squadron of up to 10 aircraft.

This pack contains:

  • 10x  Zoom Chits
  • 9x  Boom Chits
  • 1x 45-degree calliper
  • 3x High cover markers

Build your Blood Red Skies Squadrons!

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