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Showcase: Freshly Painted Pike & Shotte miniatures

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The clue is in the title – this page is all about showing of some great paintjobs on some of our latest Pike & Shotte releases.

We’ll not waste any more time nattering on about them, feast your eyes on these bad boys:

Clubmen Band

The Clubmen have been lovingly painted by Big Gazza. You can see more of his work and and perhaps commission some of your own models to be painted by said large chap here.

We’ve now made each clubman available separately as well as being able to save a few pennies buying them in larger packs. Add these angry Townsfolk to your collection by popping to our webstore.

Simple Ben

Sergeant Martindale

Squire Stallard

Seaman Jack


Mistress Miggins

Farmer Farr

Big Gareth

No Warlord painting gallery would be complete without something from the masterly brush of Darren Linington! Here Darren has worked his magic on one of the most popular Warlord sets yet – Pike & Shotte Specialists.

We’ll be bringing you something very special from Mr Linington very soon so make sure you’re signed up to the Warlord Games weekly newsletter and see it first!

Master Gunner 1

Master Gunner 2

Marksman 1

Marksman 2

Both the Clubmen and the Specialists are now available for purchase in their unpainted versions in the Warlord webstore.