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New Release: Roman Camelry (Dromedarii)

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Here at Warlord Games we not only love to bring you the best sculpted miniatures but also like to give you new stuff that’s out of the ordinary and these certainly fit the bill!

Our newly released Roman Camel Riders are more correctly known as Dromedarii (try saying that a few pints of Falling Down water of a Friday night) but that’s something of a mouthful so we tend to refer to them as Roman Camelry!

The Roman war machine truly was a global beast and not just concerned with Britain and Northern Europe as so much of their coverage tends to focus upon. The Jewish Revolt and conflicts with the Parthians showed that the eastern regions were just as important to Rome.

Roman Dromedarii 1 Front

Roman Dromedarii 1 Back

Roman Dromedarii 1 Side

Roman Dromedarii x3 Side 1

Dromedarii were camel-riding auxiliary forces recruited from the eastern desert provinces of the Roman Empire. THe best-known unit was the snappily titled ala I ulpia dromedariorum milliaria (The Ulpian Wing of Camel-riders, one thousand strong), raised by the Emperor Trajan and staioned in Syria. Roman ‘mixed’ auxiliary cohorts (cohortes equitatae) in the East often contained dromedarii – about three dozen in the case of cohors XX palmyrenorum equitata stationed at Dura Europos in the early Third Century. A few would be sent out on patrol with the infantry and cavalry

Roman Dromedarii x3 Side 2

In the eastern legions, it was not unusual for some cohors equitata to contain a few camel riders. Camels are large, rather smelly, and have a tendency to spit and kick at anything that displeases them, so it is not surprising that their appearance on the battlefield would cause consternation among enemy infantry and cavalry.

Roman Dromedarii 2 Front

Roman Dromedarii 2 Side

You’ll notice that these models have been painted by Dr Phil Hendry but what you may not have worked out is that the Imperial Roman Auxiliary cavalry transfers from Little Big Men Studios fit them perfectly! So much so we’re giving a sheet of these superb transfers away FREE with every pack of 12 Dromedarii through our webstore – get them here!

Our Roman Camel Riders are depicted in eastern robes to protect against the beating sun and are armed with long cavalry spears. Their trusty (and not very mild mannered) steeds are cluttered with amphorae jugs, bed rolls, waterskins and are tooled up for business be that dismounted skirmishing, or a full-blooded camel charge! You can be sure that these unusual cavalry troops will be quite valuable for making their way across difficult terrain for a surprise attack in the enemy flank.

There is very little, if any, material known about Roman Dromedarii but our take on them is hard-bitten Roman Auxilia who have gone slightly native and are the Ancient equivalent of the LRDG…

Roman Dromedarii 3 Front

Whatever next – 3 wise men?

All of these excellent and unique miniatures are now available in the Warlord webstore. Add a few to your Imperial Roman Army today and bring a little desert power to your Legions!