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Showcase: “Action on the Scheldt” game table

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A bit of a flashback today – last week, we posted a few photos of forumite ‘Chris W’ (of the ‘Barely Legal Wargamers’) ‘Action on the Scheldt’ table – and the response from the community warranted more of a focus on the water-logged NWE Bolt Action board….

The board placed fourth in the ‘Best Display Game’ category at Derby World Wargames last year – and has been out to many more shows since.

Attack on Sheldt (2)

Attack on Scheldt (6)

The flooded environment offers some great challenges (or should that be ‘opportunities’?) when it comes to creating terrain pieces, scatter terrain, and street furniture.

Attack on Scheldt (8)

The flame-throwing Wasps always prove to be devastating!

Attack on Scheldt (12)

It wasn’t only the board which had seen painstaking work to bring to life – many of the vehicles had been extensively converted to represent specific variants – such as the PIAT Organ, and modified LVTs (including Waterline versions!)

Attack on Scheldt (14)

Attack on Scheldt (13)

Some of the LVTs didn’t quite make it to their objectives…

Attack on Sheldt (1)

Attack on Sheldt (3)

The board features a number of buildings from our friends over at Sarissa Precision, as well as a rather craftily converted Dutch Windmill (more on that here) – and a whole heap of additional detailing!

For more LVT-based shenanigans – take a look at last week’s article by our very own Amtrac-mad Rich.D – and his previous (slightly more Pacific-themed) article as well… (and we’re sure there’ll be more LVT-based articles on the way!)



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Article written by Richard Dando