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Focus: Hail Caesar Army Lists – Late Antiquity to Early Medieval

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In our second expansion for Hail Caesar, Rick Priestley presents no less than 63 army lists in the essential Hail Caesar ‘Late Antiquity to Early Medieval’ supplement!


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The book supplement for Hail Caesar, covering the following 63 army lists for the Biblical and Classical periods along with points costs and army composition. It is also replete with the images of fantastic armies that you can expect from a Warlord Games book;

  • Palmyran
  • Middle Imperial Roman
  • Sassanid Persian
  • Goths
  • Early Saxon
  • Franks
  • Huns
  • Late Imperial Roman
  • African Vandals
  • White Huns
  • Gepids
  • Spanish Visigoths
  • Ostrogothic Italy
  • Early Byzantine
  • Lombards
  • Scots-Irish
  • Arthurian-British
  • Welsh
  • Merovingian Franks
  • Avars
  • Picts
  • Khazars
  • Arab Conquest
  • Bulgars
  • Tang China
  • Thematic Byzantine
  • Arab Empire
  • Carolingean Franks
  • Pecheneg
  • Anglo Saxon
  • Rus
  • Vikings
  • Almoravid Moors
  • Fatamid Egypt
  • Tagmatic Byzantine
  • Al-Andalus
  • Christian Spain
  • Ghaznavid
  • Liao China and Kara-Khitan Khaganate
  • Norman
  • Seljuk Turks
  • Feudal French
  • Feudal Germans
  • Feudal Polish
  • Early Hungarian
  • Ayyubid Egyptians
  • Sung China
  • Italo-Norman
  • Feudal Scots
  • Early Russian
  • Khwarazmian Persian
  • Comnenian Byzantine
  • Burid and Zengid Syria
  • Japanese
  • Plantagenet English
  • Lombard League
  • Crusaders
  • Later Welsh
  • Teutonic Crusaders
  • Mongol

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As well as the army lists, there is a wealth of historical information, artwork from the illustrious Peter Dennis, and stacks of gorgeous full-colour photographs of our models in action- if you are a Hail Caesar fan or just need help with army lists for any of the above factions this will be extremely useful.

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The Hail Caesar collection contains the Hail Caesar Rulebook – which contains all of the core rules, a wealth of full colour photographs and illustrations – and the ‘Biblical and Classical’ Army Lists book – with no less than 63 army lists for the period – with points costs and army composition, and an equally drool-inducing collection of imagery and historical information.

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Article written by Richard Dando