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The countdown has begun as the Allies prepare themselves for the largest and most ambitious amphibious landings in history to return the fight to Western Europe. Till that day, prepare your own battlefields with a selection of excellent Sarissa Precision terrain!

Bolt Action Campaign D-Day Overlord

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Maison Forte (MF-10)/Sarissa Precision Painting Guide

Single Storey House/Destroyed Single Storey House

Small House/Destroyed Small House/Bombed Out House

Terrace House/Destroyed Terrace House

Corner Terrace House/Destroyed Corner Terrace House

Small Shop/Destroyed Small Shop

Terrace Shop/Destroyed Terrace Shop

Farm House/Destroyed Farm House


Large Farmhouse/Destroyed Large Farmhouse


WW2 European Chateau

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Artillery Bunker

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Pill Box Set (3 pill boxes)

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End of Terrace Cafe

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Village Church

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