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Rules: Lights! Camera! Action! Using War Reporters in Bolt Action

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Before we get into this article I would just like to point out this is a fun, optional rule allowing you to use the free miniature you get when you order Battleground Europe: D-Day to Germany from us.

With the release of our first Bolt Action campaign book – Battleground Europe – due imminently, packed chock-full of new scenarios and characters for you fine folks to get your teeth into, we’ve cornered our resident Italian rule-writing aficionado, Alessio Cavatore to wring-out just a little more goodness…

We’ve locked him away and forced… I mean, ‘asked’… him to shed some light on the role of War Reporters during the Second World War, to accompany the free miniature which is supplied with any orders for Battleground Europe placed through the Warlord Games webstore or from our stand at shows.

So – without further ado – we’ll hand you over to Alessio….



Battlefield Reporters were used throughout the Second World War by almost every side. They played a hugely important role in documenting the action and driving the propaganda machine – with all sides using the gathered footage to spin to their advantage and keep their countrymen back home on-side and behind the war effort.

Using Battlefield Reporters in Bolt Action



The presence of the War Reporter’s cameramen bolsters the confidence of the troops nearby – the soldiers want to appear brave, dashing and handsome under fire for their families and the girls watching the cinema newsreels back home. Interestingly, this is true for the fighting men on both sides…

Cost: War Reporter team 30 pts (inexperienced)

Team: 1 cameraman and up to 2 additional cameramen/photographers/reporters.

Weapons: none.

Options: The cameraman may be accompanied by up to 2 additional cameramen/photographers/reporters at a cost of +7 pts per man.

Special Rules: Any infantry and artillery unit (friend and enemy!) that can see the War Reporters team can re-roll failed Order tests, except for Fubar results.

Selectors: Any army can include a single War Reporters team, regardless of the selector.


We thought we’d also take the opportunity to re-release the  German Army Propagandakompanie Cameraman – a characterful model that would make a fantastic Battlefield Reporter for German players.

Please play some games with them and let us know how you get on, this has not been added to the errata or FAQ so it is not an official rule it is designed so you can have some FUN!.


Remember, the British War Photographer model is only available when you buy Battleground Europe through our webstore…


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