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Following up on the recently released ‘The Eagle Has Landed‘ sets, Mark Barber has come up with a fantastic set of special rules for the Fallschirmjäger Oberst Kurt Steiner


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Mark: Now you’ve bought Warlord’s new plastic Fallschirmjäger boxed set, you’ll need somebody to lead them in the field… look no further than legendary fiction anti-hero Kurt Steiner.

The Eagle Has Landed 2

One of the main protagonists of Jack Higgins’ 1975 novel ‘The Eagle Has Landed’, Oberstleutnant Kurt Steiner was a decorated Fallschirmjäger hero and veteran of Norway, Eban-Emael, Crete and the Eastern Front. His strong moral code landed him and his men in trouble with the Nazi authorities after an aggressive altercation with the SS over the treatment of Jewish civilians. After being court martialled and sentenced, Steiner is given the opportunity to clear the record for his loyal soldiers by leading a secret mission: the assassination of Winston Churchill.

The Eagle Has Landed 1

Warlord’s Steiner miniature is based on the 1976 movie, where Michael Caine brings the character to life on the big screen. The movie sees Steiner promoted to a full Oberst and sporting a stylish Luftwaffe flying jacket (perhaps he was a glider pilot earlier in his career?) whilst slaying US Rangers with a Hollywood powered Sten gun with limitless ammunition and unerring accuracy. If you want rules for Steiner, look no further:

The Eagle Has Landed 3

Oberst Kurt Steiner

Steiner may be added to any force which includes Fallschirmjäger. He replaces the Captain or Major HQ choice in the army list.

Cost: 200pts (veteran officer, +4 morale bonus as per Major)
Team: Steiner and up to 2 further Fallschirmjäger
Weapons: Submachinegun and pistol
Options: Steiner may be accompanied by up to 2 further veteran Fallschirmjäger with the same weapons for +16pts per man.
Special Rules:
– Inspirational Leadership: Awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords, Steiner’s leadership is legendary within the Fallschirmjäger force. His +4 morale bonus is extended to any unit within 12 inches.
– Loyalty: Steiner’s legendary loyalty to his men is reciprocated in their devotion to his orders. Any Fallschirmjäger unit within 12 inches of Steiner counts as being Fanatics.

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