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Rapid Deployment Paint System: Soviet Infantry

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We turn Warlord’s Rapid Deployment Paint System to Soviet Infantry. The system allows you to get remarkable results for very little effort!

Rapid Deployment Fast Paint System

All the paints used were taken from the Rapid Deployment Fast Paint System Core and Soviet Army Paint Sets.

Soviet Army Paint Set


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Stage 1: Priming

The miniature was primed with the Leather Brown Colour Primer Spray. This choice of colour serves as an ideal basecoat for some portions of the miniature and saves doing it by hand later.


Stage 2: Basecoating

The following basecoats were then carefully applied to each of the following areas:


Stage 3: Shading

Using a large brush, Strong Tone Quickshade was liberally applied to the model, ensuring it ran into the recesses. Once complete, the same brush was immediately wiped clean, before being used to remove all the excess shade, particularly on the raised flatter areas of the miniature.

After this stage, the miniature should be left to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.


Stage 4: Finishing Touches

Having left the miniature to dry for over 24 hours, use Anti Shine Matt-Varnish as before and base to match the rest of your army. We’ve used sand and static grass, supplemented with tufts, for that little extra flair.

The miniature has been taken from the Soviet Infantry Plastic Boxed set. This gives you 40 hard plastic infantry, with a variety of weapons. Perfect for the beginnings of a new Soviet army.

Soviet Infantry Plastic Boxed Set


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And There You Have It!

Utilising this system will allow you to prep whole units or even entire armies for the table in no time at all. The quickshade allows you to get remarkable results for the relatively small amount of time invested. Ideal for getting your models to the tabletop and scratching that gaming itch!


The Rapid Deployment System

As you’ve seen, the Rapid Deployment System enables you to get your troops to the battlefield extremely quickly, and with little effort.

Designed for use on plastic, vehicle resin, metal and the new Warlord Resin figures. Each paint is of high quality, full of colour and ready for use straight out of the bottle. The core paint set gives you a broad range of colours to kick-start your painting.


Warriors of Gaul Bundle Paint Set


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