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Preview: Roman sentries

Fresh from Wojtek’s sculpting desk are these lovely sculpts. Depicting Roman soldiers on sentry duty they can be built to represent legionaries, auxiliaries or Praetorians.

These troopers can represent many things – fort sentries, soldiers on campaign in foul weather gear, sentries on ship, etc.

The sculpt on the left comes with two separate heads – one with auxiliary helmet and one wearing a legionary helmet. Of course it’d be very easy to attach a Praetorian or Veteran head from our plastic boxed sets or even swap them for optio or centurion heads.

As you can see the separate scutum shields can be attached in a couple of ways – either held up or resting on the ground. The models have been designed so you can swap the scutum for oval auxiliary shields or the hexagonal Praetorian/Marine shields. Loads of scope for conversions for these chaps…

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