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Preview: Crimean 17th Lancers!

What could be finer than the 17th Lancers making their ill-fated charge into the Russian guns at Balaclava? Nothing – that’s what!

We’re delighted to be able to show off Paul Hicks’ latest sculpts for our Crimean War range – check these beauties out here!

We couldn’t do the Light Brigade (yes, the Hussars and Dragoons are already being sculpted…) without casualty models could we? If you’re as excited as we were when we first saw these you may need a stiff drink to calm yourself – a glass of port should do the trick, old bean.

It won’t be long before these superb sculpts are available to buy – you’ll find out first on the weekly newsletter…

While you are waiting for these awesome models why not check out the current Crimean range available in our store right now.

Dressed in his famous Redcoat and either Albert Shako or forage cap for comfort, it was fellows like these that spearheaded the British assaults.

This splendid fellow is the perfect accompaniment for your British Line Regiment. As befits a gentleman he is mounted so he stands above the lowly foot troopers he commands.

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