Preview: More plastic Bolt Action British 3-ups

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You’ve already seen a couple of the 3-ups for our forthcoming Bolt Action British Infantry plastics. It is now time to show off a couple more!

This British infantryman is sporting a fine moustache and a PIAT (Projector, Infantry, Anti Tank). Both very useful in the face of opposing tanks. You’ll also notice the trademark shovel used for digging in quick…

Storming a German position, this aggressive Tommy is leading the charge with his spike bayonet. The observant amongst you will have noticed the ammo bandolier hanging under arm. The set is chock full of little extra like this.

We’re currently waiting on a release date for these plastic soldiers of the King – as soon as we have a irm date we’ll let you know first!

And as stated in the last preview, this set is not only excellent for post D-Day Europe but it’s great for playing out games in the Italian campaign too. The set is perfect for fielding British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, etc troops as all that would be different are unit insignia and their accent!

More previews are on the way…


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