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Preview: Bolt Action Fallschirmjager PaK40

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We’ve been revamping and updating our Fallschirmjager range and have a few new models in the pipeline. We’ve already shown you the models armed with MP40s and the 81mm mortar team but you’ve not seen this beast yet:

This model was painted by our good mate Big Gazza. As you can see from the photos he didn’t skimp on the paint in order to bring the fine detail out on the gun and crew. The 7.5 cm (3 inch) gun on the PaK 40 was effective against nearly everything it was brought to bear on and will serve any German commander well on the tabletop.

While the PaK 40 is not quite ready to get into your hot little hands, you can still bulk up the rest of your Fallschirmjager battalion in the Bolt Action area of the Warlord webstore.