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Operation Sand Dune: The 4th Indian Div. part 2 – Building the Force

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Carl Titterington brings us the 2nd installment of his 4th Indian Division series – building time:


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Having researched the unit I wanted to base my force on, the 4th Indian Infantry Division, I found myself extremely motivated to build my force and as if by magic a package from Warlord arrived just days later. Although motivation was on my side, I decided to learn from my previous mistake I had made with other forces by jumping in without a plan.


My plan for my Indian force was simple. Three squads of seven guys with an additional NCO figure made to add in for a mid to late war list. So with my list drawn up and my figures counted out and allocated, I was ready to begin building. However, as I finished the first squad a lightning bolt hit me. I’d forgotten about the new Indian Army rule in the desert supplement, Duel in the Sun. At this point a recount of figures was in order and upon inspection I found I did not have enough for the free section that the Indian Army rule allows. Whatever was I to do?


After much scratching of my head, I came up with a solution. My original plan was to use the Warlord Games late British Infantry plastic box set. This I could still do but to make up the numbers I decided my only option was to use some left over Perry’s Desert Rats. Using the Warlord Indian heads, I converted all figures to make them Indian. The Warlord heads fit perfectly with the Late War British figures; however, some may consider them too big to fit with the Desert Rats figures. In my personal opinion I think they look ok and at the distance away from the table it is hard to see they are slightly out of proportion. With the problem solved I continued with the grinding task of building figures.


I built four sections of eight men each including the NCO figure. I also built a second lieutenant with additional man. I used the BEF command figures to make an Indian captain in a greatcoat and a medic.


In order to create some support teams I used the BEF MMG team pack with Warlord Indian heads to convert them. Further to this, I also used the BEF anti tank rifle and light mortar set to convert them to Indians for the desert. I was also able to build an observer and a mate with the last two figures I had. My final conversion was to swap the head of the Bedford three ton truck driver for an Indian head.


Having finally built my force the job of painting quickly moved up over the horizon. I decided that in order to keep it fresh and add to the pace in which I could paint the force, I would paint no more than eight men, one section, at a time. So far I have painted the first section and the contrast of desert uniform and battledress really adds to the force. I am very much looking forward to painting the rest of my force and currently have some figures primed and drying as I type. Once I have finished painting the force I shall purchase a couple of extra pieces like any good war gamer, but that will be covered in another article and several YouTube videos.


To see more of my forces check out my YouTube channel where I have videos on the forces, terrain for the desert, live chats and many other project videos and reviews. Check out my channel at the link below or search YouTube for T’s Creative Ramblings.

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