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Sarissa Precision bring us a new CG-4A ‘WACO’ Glider – let your Airborne Glider Squads arrive in a dramatic style and save the Allies.


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The CG-4 glider was built for the US Army to equip troops with an air transport solution that would be easy to produce at a low cost. Nearly 14,000 Waco gliders were made and saw action in all major allied offensives in both European and Pacific theatres. The Waco also saw service with the British military, being renamed the CG-4A Hadrian in the process.

Normally towed by a C-47 Dakota or C- 46 Commando, it could transport 13 fully equipped troops. It could also be used to transport heavier equipment into the action – a Jeep, a 75 mm howitzer, or a 1⁄4ton trailer could be loaded in through the hinged nose of the aircraft.

This great wood kit is made for gaming approximate 1/56th scale. We find this perfect for games of Bolt Action, allowing us to create a scenic objective (great if you model yours crashed!) or just mark the landing zone! The finished model is 37 cm (14 ½ inches) long with a wing span of 50 cm (19 ¾ inches).

Although there is no official rules at this point, we suggest that you use a similar stat profile to that of the German DFS 230 (Page 90 in Campaign Sea Lion) which is below:

Cost: 15pts (Regular), 20pts (Veteran).
Weapons: None
Damage value: 6+ (soft skin).
Transport: 13 men, plus pilot.


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Airborne Glider Platoon with Waco

Can’t let the Brits and Germans have all the flying fun – grab this deal to get the New Waco CG-4A and a box set of 30 US Airborne Paratroopers!


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Get ready – we’re going into Germany

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