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New: Bertie & Butler + Workers Militia + Urban Militia

Footsore Miniatures have got England’s finest armed and ready to fight back against the German invasion…

Bertie & Butler


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Bertie is ready to put those terrible oiks of the workers militia in their place. Accompanied by his trusty Gentleman’s gentleman who is armed with a Lewis Gun and a knowing smile. One thinks the Hun is in for a good old bashing, after a cup of Tea of course don’t you know!

Workers Militia


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These are urban and mechanised foot patrols that might be organsied from a company workforce such as a factory, a large organisation such as the railway or post office – either way, everyone wanted to do their bit for the war effort.

Urban Militia


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Picture a whole town or village taking up various arms, these people would rather fight to the last than let their home be taken by an enemy. This deal contains:

  • 1 x Bertie and Butler
  • 2 x Workers Militia
  • 1 x Workers Militia Characters
  • 1 x Militia Boys Anti-Tank Team
  • 1 x Militia Flag Bearers
  • 1 x Militia Bombers
  • 1 x Workers Militia MMG Team

Operation Sea Lion is underway!

Sea Lion Cover 72dpi

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Join the British Army!


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