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New: Characters + Flag Bearers + Bombers + More!

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Footsore Miniatures have a great selection of British townsmen and they are all ready to defend their homes as the Germans bring the battle to the shores of England!



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The militia leaders might be drawn from middle class company management or a local respected professional person such as a bank manager. The leader may well have done some soldiering in World War I – or he may not, holding his rank more due to social position than military experience.

Boys AT Team


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The Boys anti-tank rifle was a heavy 0.55-inch rifle that fired an armour piercing round capable of penetrating the armour of the light tanks and carried of the late 1930s.

It was used widely on Universal Carries (in place of the usual Bren) and in many scout and armoured cars as well being part of each infantry platoon’s equipment. As the thickness of enemy armour increased, the effectiveness of the Boys anti-tank rifle waned and it was replaced by the PIAT from 1943.


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Flag Bearers


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Only the most patriotic Brit can hold the flag and these men have already done their duty, but they are ready to step up to the mantle again and fight for England.



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Using either home brewed Molotov cocktails or questionable explosives, these are your go to men if you want a structure or vehicle to go down.

MMG Team


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Using the Vickers medium machine gun, the weapon might be old and the crew might be too young, they are still ready to beat the Germans back.

Operation Sea Lion is ready!

Sea Lion Cover 72dpi

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Join the British Army!


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