New! US Airborne Reinforcements

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Last week we announced our new Reinforcements offer where you can buy individual figures of your choice! This week we’re adding our Bolt Action Miniatures US Airborne to the scheme:

As you can see, Darren pulled out all the stops painting these excellent World War 2 heroes. Your American army will look great with these hard-hitting paratroopers on watch!

The US Airborne depicted above are all carrying the excellent and prolifically distributed M1 Garand rifle. Each rifle magazine was loaded en bloc with 8 rounds of .30-06 ammunition and the distinctive “ping” sound made whe the empty clip was ejected has been made famous to the general public in films like Saving Private Ryan and many others.

As you can see we have included the full range of details which the US Airborne was famous for including Mohican haircuts, a smattering of Thompson SMGs, Pathfinders and more! No US WW2 force is complete without at least a unit or two of these essential models.

Most of these miniatures are available individually by clicking on the images above (Pathfinders and Thompsons are coming soon) or visiting the appropriate section of the Warlord webstore.


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