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New: The Army Painter Hobby Set

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For all you New and Existing hobbyists out there we are adding to our extensive range of ‘The Army Painter’ equipment with the latest  ‘Hobby Set’, packed with top quality products at a great value to get you started with whatever modelling or painting project you have planned.

The Army Painter Hobby Set

The Army Painter Hobby Set ST5116-600x450-1

The Army Painter Hobby Set ST5116-600x450-2
All the essential equipment rolled into one exceptional Hobby Set. You’ll have everything you need to start your next Warlord project. Army Painter have developed their system to be as easy as possible to get started with, check out their video tutorials here, or download their painting guide here.

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Warpaints Starter Paint Set

starter-paint-set-1_1024x1024 starter-paint-set-2_1024x1024

This set is a fantastic introduction to the Warpaints range and has the 9 Colour Primer matching colours you need to get started plus a hobby Brush. Best of all, you will also get a FREE Quickshade ink wash with this set, to create spectacular shading effects on your miniatures once basecoated. Check our tutorial to see how to use Warpaints.

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The Mega Paint Set

Army Painter Mega setWP8005_600x450px_1

The Mega Paint Set is quite simply the most complete paint selection you’ll ever need. whether you’re painting Black Powder, Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte or Bolt Action it contains everything needed to paint your army in its core colours !

Boxed set containing paints, guide, and brushes (Spray not included)

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Metal/Resin Wargaming Assembly Set

The Metal Starter Set is a fantastic way to get you started assembling metal miniatures. The set contains a sturdy cutter for removing flash and cut smaller bits of metal, a file for preparing the parts to be glued together and a FREE 7ml. Superglue is included the box. A description of how to use the tools is on the backcover of the set and an Intro Tool Guide flyer is also included!

Boxed set containing cutters, file and Super Glue

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Plastic Wargaming Assembly Set

As far as product value goes, this set is an absolute high-score. Contains a special Plastic Frame cutter with extra fine point for precision work, a scalpel knife for removing flash and cutting plus a 12ml. of The Army Painter’s amazing model Plastic Glue. Everything you need to get you started on assembling those plastic regiments.  A description of how to use the tools is on the backcover of the set and an Intro Tool Guide flyer is also included!

Boxed set containing precision sidecutters, hobby knife and plastic glue

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Battlefields Basing Set


The Battlefields Basing Set offers great value, packed full of the best basing materials in the industry. It contains everything needed to personalise your bases and really bring them to life.
The set does not only include all the essentials to making bases, but also a FREE set of Razor wire to add that finishing touch.

Boxed set containing a selection of basing materials, PVA Glue and Swamp tuft

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Painting Guides

Of course all this would not be complete without guides to take you through step by step with each of the main forces and more to come!

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Hobby Tool Kit

Hobby Tool Kit Army Painter

Lastly if you’re getting serious with building Terrain or any of our fantastic resin or plastic vehicles look no further than this complete hobby tool kit!

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