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New-style Bolt Action Orders Dice

Many of you will have noticed that many of our Bolt Action Order Dice have been out of stock for quite some time and prior to that availability was somewhat erratic. We’ve been battling supply issues and as there seemed to be no way to ensure one of the key items to the Bolt Action game was consistently available to players. In the end we’ve made the only decision open to us – to switch to a new local supplier.

The first two colours of the new dice (Grey and Green) have arrived with us and the others will be with us very soon.


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New Design

A new supplier means a slightly new style of dice. The etching of the text is deeper and sharper meaning it won’t rub away over time. The edges have a slightly rounder curve and the material quality is also upgraded significantly.

For most games this slight difference between the old and the new shouldn’t pose a problem – you simply dip your hand into the dice bag and draw out a dice quickly and at random as normal.

For those of a more, ahem, competitive nature it is possible to dip your hand into the dice bag and have a good rummage around, feeling each dice in turn to see if this is the new style or the previous version with its sharper edges. Not behaviour we condone and as such should be roundly mocked if caught – remember the First Rule of Wargaming: Don’t play games with @/$%&…


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