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New: Soviet Partisan Squad

This week sees the repackaging of our Soviet Partisans into a squad of ten agitators armed and ready to take the fight to the occupying forces so as to free themselves and the Motherland.

Soviet Partisans

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The rule for Soviet Partisans can be found in the Bolt Action supplement – Armies of the Soviet Union which is available to order in our webstore!

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This book provides Bolt Action players with all of the information they need to field the military forces of the Soviet Union. From the bitter urban warfare of Stalingrad, through the Winter War against Finland and the final drive to Berlin, the detailed army lists provided in this supplement allow players to construct Soviet armies for any theatre and any year of the war.


  • Introduction
  • Army Lists
  • Theatres

Written by none other than Andy Chambers, a copy of the Bolt Action rulebook is needed to use this supplement.

When you buy the Armies of the Soviet Union from Warlord Games you also receive for free this exclusive ‘For the Motherland!’ figure that depicts a commissar proudly flying the Soviet flag as he fights the fascist invaders. Za Rodinu! Za Stalina!

As a great companion to Armies of the Soviet Union we have our plastic Soviet infantry box set and our plastic T34/85 medium tank.

Stalin’s Red Army was revitalised by the release of our Bolt Action plastic boxed set – Soviet Infantry! With a massive 40 miniatures in each box and a bewildering variety of poses, weapons and equipment, you have everything you need to defeat Hitler’s forces. Death to the German invaders!

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As you can see below you get an absolute stack of troops in the boxed set. Painter Alan Mander built three 11-man squads, a sniper team, anti-tank rifle team and an officer with two subordinate Red Army comrades. Of course, this is just one way you can build the contents of the box – there is a staggering number of options to choose from.

The box contains 1 plastic tank, assembly leaflet and a fantastic decal sheet. Please note the models is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

We have a comprehensive range for Soviet players in our webstore including the KV-1, KV-2, Iosef Stalin-2 and Soviet Command.

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