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New: Soviet Anti-tank Teams!

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Brave comrades laying their lives on the line against the German Panzer with a variety of anti-tank weaponry.


With a lack of their own anti-tank weapons the Soviet forces had to be resourceful when fighting German armour. Our Anti Tank team consists of three men, one with a Soviet Anti-tank Rifle, one with a captured Panzerfaust and finally a dog handler armed with a PPsh. The dog is an Anti-tank Dog and has been trained to search for food under tanks. When carrying an explosive pack this makes for an (occasionally) effective, certainly controversial, anti-armour weapon.

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Red Army Boxed Set

Red Army Command

We’d be remiss not to focus your attention towards our excellent Red Army boxed set at this point…

Red Army box contains:

Command group: 2 Officers, Sergeant with PPsh SMG, Red Flag bearer and Sniper
9-man squad A: 2 Sergeants with PPsh SMG, 2-man DP-28 LMG team and 5 riflemen
9-man squad B: 2 Sergeants with PPsh SMG, 2-man DP-28 LMG team and 5 riflemen

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Finally, you do plan on hitting some German armor with these ATGs right? Our wrecked Hanomags are just the thing!

Wrecked Hanomag

Here’s the first of our wrecked Hanomags. Pick one up in the webstore here.


Here’s a wrecked version of a Sd.Kfz 250. You can pick one up by clicking here.