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New Release: US Airborne Support Weapons

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Our latest releases for the Bolt Action US Airborne line have been dropped in to fight the good fight for America nad her allies on, or behind, the front lines. These support weapons are perfect for laying down covering fire for your infantry and/or vehicles on their way to their objectives or for laying down a withering hail of destruction on the enemy from a distance. First up we have the US Airborne 60mm Mortar:

It’s worth mentioning that all of these models were expertly painted by the all too talented Darren Linington.

Next up we have the US Airborne 75mm Pack Howitzer. As with the rest of our US Airborne range they are primarily based on actions such as D-Day and Operation Market Garden but can easily be used for Operation Varsity and other European conflicts. With a range of close to 10,000 yards, this transportable and effective support gun was equally useful in the Pacific, China-Burma-India, and Italian theatres.

Both of these models and their Airborne crew are now available in the Warlord web store. Keep your eyes peeled for our US Airborne M1 57mm Anti Tank Gun which is on the way soon!