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New Release: Grabner’s Humber

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As you’ve come to expect from Warlord Games, we got something a little different for your German 28mm Bolt Action Miniatures collection. Hauptsturmfuhrer Viktor Gräbner was a highly decorated SS Captain famous for his fatal charge across Arnhem Bridge as depicted in the classic film A Bridge Too Far. Rather than a halftrack Gräbner is reported to have used a captured Humber Armoured Car and that’s how we’re choosing to present him to you in all his tabletop splendour:

Grabner's Humber Armoured Car 1

If history is any sort of indicator to the results of a wargame, smart British players will want to have Johnny Frost and some PIATs on their side to knock down Gräbner’s charge across the bridge at Arnhem. This characterful command model is now available in the German Bolt Action section of the Warlord Games webstore.