New: Plastic M3A1 Half-Track and Armoured Fist Platoon

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Out now is our all-new plastic M3A1 Half-Track kit – perfect for transporting your US infantry into position and providing fire support while the battle rages.


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Not only that, we also have a US Armoured Fist boxed set, containing 3 Half-Tracks and 30 US Infantry, ready to assault the enemy head-on!


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The new plastic Half-Track is a replacement for the previous resin version, and while they may look identical at first glance, there are some important improvements:

Faster Assembly

Firstly, as anyone who’s ever put together a resin vehicle will testify, plastic models have a lot of advantages – the parts require less cleaning up, you can use plastic glue instead of superglue to stick them together, and all in all they are far faster to assemble (which is important if you’re building three!). They are also lighter to carry around and less breakable too.

Stowage Included

The M3A1 Half-Track has noticeably sharper details than its resin predecessor. It also comes with two optional front fenders to choose from, as well as a collection of stowage including spare helmets, backpacks and fuel cans that you can use to ensure each vehicle looks unique.




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