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New: Napoleonic Russian paint set

Many of you have asked about the colours needed to paint our recently released Napoleonic Russians. Help is at hand with this starter paint set designed specifically with the Emperor’s brave soldiers in mind.

White (Vallejo 951): Overalls, backpack straps, baldric, Pavlovsk mitre cap and shako cords

Black (Vallejo 950): Shako, winter leggings, shoes, grenadier shako plume, backpack, ammunition pouch and officer bicorne hat

Green (Vallejo Deep Green 970): Tunics

Red (Vallejo Flat Red 957): Collar, cuffs, epaulettes, tunic inners and Pavlovsk mitre cap

Brass (Vallejo 801): Pavlovsk Mitre cap front plates, buttons and sword hilt

Steel (Vallejo Oily Steel 865): Canteen and musket metalwork,

Grey (Citadel Codex Grey): Greatcoat roll

Red Leather (Vallejo 818): Musket straps

Leather Brown (Vallejo 871): Musket woodwork, bayonet and sword scabbard

Of course, if you have the paint set you’ll also need something to use it on! Cue the plastic boxed sets in our Napoleonic Russian range…

Russian Line Infantry 1809-15

Russian Line Infantry 1812-15

Pavlovsk Grenadier Regiment


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